3. Stepford Wife – Kymberly Church Parkland

  • Wants a UIUC athletic star to have a debilitating “accident”.
  • Used to work for Tajan Urgo

5. Independently Wealthy Socialite – Tobias Preiwinkle City Hall

  • Wants a bunch of homeless people delivered unto him so he can put him through his house of horrors

With Player

Removed From Game (For now)

1. Bartender – Sage Harper Stone Creek

  • Sage has a massive gambling debt that she needs to get out of
  • Additional Info: Was brutalized by Conner Kaiser at the A&E animal hospital to activate that Place of Power
  • Was placed in the Hospital for not paying what she owed to the Mob, deceased

2. Executive Headhunter – Ryon Stoakes

  • Wants to create an intra-office scandal to make Greg Pinkerton leave his job

4. Director of Parks and Recreation – Lance Jeray

  • Is a pedophile and needs the issue silenced



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