1. Run Away Teen – Toby Ernst Meadowbrook

  • Needs a place to stay

5. Black Marketeer – Diamond Market View

  • Needs muscle to protect her during a major arms deal

With Player

Removed From Game (For now)

2. Petty Drug Dealer – Phil Meanie

  • Needs to expand his market share
  • Used to work for Paul Carter

3. Ex Hunter – Shane Patrick

  • Manipulated into service and the blood bond by the Ordo Dracul
  • Once worked with Caroline Alexander
  • Now with The Chancellor

4. Homeless Shelter Provider – Sister Mary Cotter

  • Someone is killing homeless people


3. Soup Kitchen Volunteer – Sally Cleaver

  • “Rescued” from the home of Nocktuku by August Benson, is a Kindred herself
  • Owned by August Benson
  • Captured by Felix Jenner and Used as bait for Hunters – Deceased


EoTP Kilm